Saving the Family Farm

We love to give a shout out to other small businesses that provide great services to our community and surrounding area.

Since most of our customers are planning a wedding, prom or homecoming, our focus is usually on our partners in the party planning industry.

However, in our blog today, we want to give some support

to Precision Farming Solutions in Birdseye, IN.

Just like many people in the Jasper area, our family has been farming here for many, many years. We started the Lifestyle Limo as a side business, to help when times were tough on the farm. However, we are still dedicated to helping our parents keep the family farm running smooth.

This summer we had some strange problems with our crops. Sections of our farm just weren’t growing right, and we couldn’t figure out why. A client of ours suggested that we contact Precision Farming Solutions and ask about their drones for ag. So, we did, and we discovered an amazing local company.

Precision Farming Solutions will bring out one of their remote control drones, and fly them over your crops.

The drones will take high resolution pictures of your crops and create a precise image of your fields, showing any places where crops aren’t growing so well, have been damaged or need better irrigation.

Before Precision Farming Solutions’ drones for ag, we would have spent

days and days walking fields, looking for sick plants.

After only a few hours, and a few days of processing, we had a clear view of the problems with our crops.

Precision Farming Solutions were able to provide us with follow up services including crop consultation and some soil testing, so that we are ahead of the game for next year.

Many times we are skeptical of new technology, it can be hard to see how something new and fancy can help us. However, in the case of Precision Farming Solutions’ drones for ag, the ease of technology has been a great help to our farm.

If your farm needs some help, call them today. You won’t regret it!